Christie McClure

Christie McClure is the youngest person in America to hold the highest National Recognized Yoga Teaching Certification.  She was certified at 12 years old a 500 Hour Certified Teacher through Yoga Alliance.  She has been practicing Hot Power Yoga since she was 5 years old.  Loving being on the mat, she decided two years ago to want to teach.  Get ready to be challenged by someone who will be able to light you up like a firecracker!  Then tell your friends that a soon to be teen took you to areas that haven't been explored yet in your practice with a her vitality for life and her curiosity for the unknown.

Christie McClure instructs the following:
  • Slow Power
  • Slow Power is where you want to stay until you become comfortable with breathing, poses and the heat.  Our Slow Power class are equivalent to other studio's Power Classes, Hot Classes, Flow Classes or Vinyasa Classes.  We teach Yoga better than anyone out there!

  • Yoga My Tabata Off

  • Power Yoga
  • Power Yoga is at a fast pace!  It has more creative series.  Its not where we want you to start!  Start in Slow Power ONLY!  This class is exciting, powerful and fun and you will be there soon enough if you just started!  Have Fun by being ok with being MESSY!  If you are into alignment based classes, you will not like our approach to this class yet we love it because we want people to be ok with being imperfect for at least one hour of their day!  This is why our clients love us!

  • 30 Minute Military Cardio Drills
  • 30 minutes of non stop cardio and resistance training without weights.  Perfect before 9:15am Sculpt in Series.  This class only goes until June 30 unless Jack takes over.