Denice McClure

Denice McClure, owner and teacher, wanted to create a space where every person that entered the door felt as if they were part of the party whether it was their first time practicing yoga, first time visiting FPY or an experienced yogi.  You'll see her either teaching or practicing in most class as she created a space that she wants people to feel the amazing energy that exists being part  a great, funky, fun, powerful community the second they walk in the door. She's a 500 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher as well as a Yoga Body Bootcamp Teacher specializing in the Baptiste flow utilizing Live, Love, Teach Tools.  Whether you are a beginner or an experience yogi, the class will be optimized for you to get exactly what you need from it.  Don't let people convince you that you are limited and need to start off in a Beginner class.  You are Limitless from the first pose!

Denice McClure instructs the following:
  • Yoga My Tabata Off

  • Slow Power
  • Slow Power is where you want to stay until you become comfortable with breathing, poses and the heat.  Our Slow Power class are equivalent to other studio's Power Classes, Hot Classes, Flow Classes or Vinyasa Classes.  We teach Yoga better than anyone out there!

  • Power Yoga Nidra
  • A Yoga Nidra follows a Slow Power Class.  It's 57 minutes where you lay in a resting pose, listen to a voice guide you through different levels of relaxation.  In the middle of the "nap" you will feel a twitch!  That's the nidra!  In about two hours you will have this large amount of energy!  It may not be so strong your first time as you may experience difficulty letting go.  This is the perfect class for you wiggle worms that cant seem to find peace in svasana yet! It's coming!  Bring a pillow and a blanket.  It immediately follows Slow Power so you cant be late to this class.  You need to be in the SLOW POWER class or go into the class at half pigeon time.  You can not leave the nidra either as you will ruin everyone else's nidra. Sign up in advance!

  • 75 Minute Thanksgiving Class
  • We start at 9:15am and go to 10:30am. This class is Slow Power and and will have a small amount of csardio  and lots of abs!

  • Power Sculpt Upper Body

  • 30 Minute Military Cardio Drills
  • 30 minutes of non stop cardio and resistance training without weights.  Perfect before 9:15am Sculpt in Series.  This class only goes until June 30 unless Jack takes over. 

  • Core Power
  • A challenging integration of Hot Slow Power Yoga and 5 minute spurts of abs throughout the hour for anyone wanting to work really hard on core strength. This class is done with music.

  • Slow Burn Power

  • 4 Week Beginning Yoga Series
  • This 4 week Series is for people new to Florida Power Yoga.  It meets each Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00-7:45pm for 8 weeks. It's not for children. We focus on creating a yoga experience for each person no mater what anyone's limitation is.  If you have experiences in years, you found your soon to be favorite place! You will need a hot yoga mat.  The price is $75 yet for people that buy this package, we want you get the right everything from the beginning so we lower the cost to $65. 

  • Power Sculpt Lower Body
  • We focus only on the lower body using weights and yoga poses!  It gets packed quick so arrive early and sign in!  We do have to turn people away from this class so please sign up!