Priscilla Patapoff

Priscilla Patapoff instructs the following:
  • Slow Power
  • Slow Power is where you want to stay until you become comfortable with breathing, poses and the heat.  Our Slow Power class are equivalent to other studio's Power Classes, Hot Classes, Flow Classes or Vinyasa Classes.  We teach Yoga better than anyone out there!

  • Power Glutes & Abs
  •  We focus on building lifted, rounded, powerful asses no matter what age or sex you are!  Gravity can be reversed! We focus on building a strong core to support your back and minimize back pain and hey you have abs!  They just need to be worked on weekly.  This 30 minute class is offered three times a week!

  • JUMP!
  • We mix jump roping and yoga together to shred fat fast!

  • Yoga My Tabata Off

  • Power Sculpt Total Body
  • This class uses weights for a total body sculpt.  It's challenging yet doable. We teach you good form and our eyes are on you the entire time.  It's like Personal Training in a fun group setting!

  • Slow Power

  • Power Arms
  • A Combination of yoga and arm exercise.