The benefits listed aren’t just with any yoga class. These are with yoga taught FPY style. we aren't the spiritual slow boring yoga. FPY style is Powerful! Unroll a mat at least three times a week in a yoga class and two times a week in a Power Sculpt class. Add Roar if you want to torch calories and watch your life change.

  • Women lose weigh in the face, then the shoulder, upper back area, then the lower body and last is your abs. Within a few months of practicing daily, your body will shred unwanted inches and weight and get sculpted.
  • Men lose weight quicker than women. They lose weight first in their abs. Men love the challenge of our classes.
  • Love lifting weights yet seem to be inflexible, stiff or get injured often, add yoga to get more powerful work outs and speed up recovery time.
  • Sweating is a healthy 5000 year old practice. It's one of the best ways to detoxify the daily toxins we are exposed to from our diets and our environment.
  • There are only three ways to move lymphatic fluid in your body to increase your body's defense systems: Movement, Massage and Deep Breathing. Our style allows all three to happen which is why you feel great after a class.
  • Parents: want a great activity for your kids to do to keep them focused on school work, get them mat space at FPY. Mental clarity improves, peer pressures disappear and kids have a life long healthy habit.
  • Athletes: You know you dont stretch enough. You see friends getting Tommy John Surgery at 15. This doesnt have to be you. Pro athletes have yoga in their work-outs like LaBron, Longoria, Serina Williams
  • Our heating system detoxify's the body after a heavy lifting work-out or long run by eliminating lactic acid build up to minimize soreness. You dont have to be sore anymore.
  • Suffering from back pain, surgery should be your last option. Yoga will make you forget your back pain in a few months of consistent practice. You can completely be in control of your rehab of your back.
  • Wanting to get pregnant, yoga can relax you enough to make that happen. Stay through your whole pregnancy for an easier delivery. You dont need slow boring Pre-Natal Classes.
  • The breathing engages the parasympathetic nervous system to bring down cortisol levels so that you have an effective tool to manage daily stress
  • The breathing heals your body from the inside out. You soon realize things that use to hurt, no longer hurt
  • Your skin becomes more radiant. If you want to avoid the peeling associated with chemical peels, our environment yields a beautiful result for you rather than lizarding through a week of peeling
  • Sleeping patterns improve with a consistent yoga practice. No more insomnia or taking pills to get to sleep then pills to wake up
  • The breathing and poses help reduce moodiness and the onset of depression. Antidepressants are the most prescribed pill today. Yoga is a far healthier prescription for you.
  • Sex lives dramatically improve if you are of age to be engaging in sex. For women most poses increase pelvic muscle strength and the practice makes you more comfortable in the skin you are in. For guys, no need for those little blue pills.
  • Get out of bed ready to live rather than saying it sucks to get old. We have 68 year old women in class that can out move 15 year olds. We have 71 year old men who play tennis like they are in their 30's.
  • Improve your golf swing
  • One yoga class takes care of all your needs for movement from endurance, strength, agility, balance, flexibility to mental focus. Ditch the gym and actually do something that you cant wait to do again and again
  • No need for an expensive personal trainer to get sculpted. People pay 40-60 for 30 minute sessions with personal trainers. Our Power Sculpt will give you the same sculpted muscles yet will ensure you dont get hurt by stretching you effectively out in between super sets
  • Reduce doctor visits. People that practice yoga consistently are healthier mentally, physical and emotionally.
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