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There are so many styles of yoga out there. Most yoga studios offer many styles. We consciously choose to only teach one style and teach it really well. We teach FPY Style Yoga. It's powerful. It's athletic. It's doable for every age, every fitness level, both genders and anyone who wants to feel fantastic which is everyone!

We teach Power Yoga FPY Style in a heated environment. It's 90F inside the Sweat Shack and 65% humidity no matter what class is being taught. It's that way because it allows the body to move better, to detox more and to burn more calories. It's not Bikram Yoga which is done at 110F without humidity adjusted. Power Yoga to us means we start the lawnmower and go non-stop for a solid 30 minutes up a mountain. The climb gradually increases in intensity just as if you are climbing a mountain. You will feel exhausted at the 15 minute mark and then you get a burst of energy because you know you only have to go 15 more minutes to climb the mountain and then it's a 30 minute decent down the mountain.. Eventually you reach the peak of the mountain and you will hear a magic word in class, "FLOOR". When we say FLOOR, people moan, groan, clap, swear or whatever they do to celebrate the climb. How do you get up that mountain? We do it together! We call every breath going up the mountain so that you have the energy to stick a flag at the peak. It's our expertise to call the breath which makes out style different from everyone else's. It's our ability to not teach a bunch of spiritual fluff during the climb up the mountain. Who wants to hear about letting go of our baggage as we are sweating like crazy. We found that people just want the next movement to be called with power to carry them to their edge. Once at the peak, you will use all the heat and energy generated going up the mountain, to stretch your back to repair back injuries or to keep your back young. A supple spine subtracts age from our biological age. You will also build abs muscles which protect our backs. A strong healthy core will hold up a back much better than a weak set of abs. After abs, its a decent down the mountain. We stretch hips, hip flexors, shoulders, and every other muscle in slow deep stretches. If you do Cross-fit, run, golf, swim, play tennis, play high school sports, this is what you never get and you so need to unlock the reservoirs of athletic capacity you didnt know you had. This is where we reverse the aging process. This is where we accelerate recovery after training sessions and competitions. This is where you stretch your body to run faster, jump higher and throw farther. At the end of the class we rest on our backs in silence for 6.5 minutes. The very best 6.5 minutes of the day! We never take time to just rest without a single thought on our mind. It's really the hardest pose to do at first but once you get it, nobody will distract you from getting in your 6.5 minutes of rest. Our style is unique. People are stunned after their first class at what they just did in a very positive way. Usually we get the response, "What the hell was that." as its not like anything you ever imagined when you heard the word yoga. There are lots of brown, black and white cows but you never see a purple cow. If you did it would be very special. And that's what FPY is...the Big Purple Cow of the Fitness World.

Our style is so different and we have grown so fast that we are in the midst of deciding two more locations in the Tampa/St. Pete area and beginning a process to franchise it out. If you are interested in becoming a franchisee, contact us.

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Christie started practicing when she was 5. At 10 she enrolled in Live, Love, Teach's 500 Hour Training. At 12 she finished and became youngest in the country. She's 15 and has over 1200 teaching hours which is more than most adult teachers. Arrive early on Monday's at 7:15pm or Friday's at 4:45pm to get your spot in her classes as they fill up quickly.


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