How to Get Best Results

We get asked all the time how many times a week can you do yoga. The answer is you can do yoga everyday. You can do yoga twice a day. Here's what we found that changes people's bodies rapidly. It's one word: CONSISTENCY!  If you want change you have to put in 100% effort for it to happen and that means keeping a consistent work-out schedule. Your body works hard for you 24 hours a day. Finding 30-45 minutes everyday is achievable. It starts with setting a realistic goal of what your vision is: do you want to lose weight, do you want to have a better golf game, do you want to get on the floor with your grandchildren and play.  Next make the goal measureable.  If you cant measure it, you wont achieve it. Tear your goal into small achieveable steps with celebration points when you achieve the step. Find an accountability partner to hold you to the fire. Dont pick someone who is negative.  Pick someone who will raise you up! Now make it happen!

People ask what classes are best for weight loss.  By far the Slow Power classes will change your body the most. Body Resistance is powerful! As teachers, we are in yoga classes every day practicing yoga ourselves.  We arent looking at your poses.  We are having our own experience as we walk the walk we want for you!  We know what it feels like to have a daily practice.  It feels like you can do anything.  It feels like you are a better mom, friend, family member,employee, employer, person! Now we have short 30 minute classes before some Slow Power classes by design.  We want you to take the 30 minute cardio class before the Slow Power class.  It revs your body up! 

It's hard to start back up when you fall off the train.  Yet its up to you to get back up and get on the train. Dont let your mind derail you with thoughts that you will always be one shape or feel a certain way. It's telling you lies. Dont let your kids make you feel guilty that you are going to yoga. Tell them it makes Mom a really happy mom. Dont let all the work in your house keep you from going.  When you come home you will get more done than if you didnt go. And dont listen to your friends when they say let's go party versus getting your yoga on.  You can party afterwards but take your health seriously and make time for yourself.

The best part of class is the last 6.5 minutes.  If you need to leave early, no worries. Leave when we say Half Pigeon.  Never leave during Svasana.  Once we say Svasana, it is very disrespectful for the others in the class to leave as its noisy and disturbs them. We work really hard to get people to a point of exhaustion in which they can rest undisturbed for 6.5 minutes. When you spray your mat or walk out of the class, your actions have the ability to not let others rest. It's 6.5 minutes, things can wait, kids can wait, dinner can wait.  You owe it to yourself to take the very best care of you that you can. Svasana is the one part of class that is essential for mental health and mind clarity. You get 6.5 minutes where no one want s a thing from you. This time reduces your cortisol levels and therefore helps you manage stress as well as maintain a healthy metabolism.  Stress causes disease in your body. Break the word down: DIS-EASE! Do yourself the kindest thing you can do for yourself and others: Stay for Svasana!

Simple weight loss tips: start drinking enough water every day using the APP called My WATER. Determine the right amount of protein for your size and weight. Eliminate Sugar and watch crazy good things happen in your body. Research Intermittent Fasting. Research Keto Diets. Stay away from the diets that are sever calorie restrictions or leave out whole macronutrients like protein, fat and carbs. Your body needs maconutrients to function.  You just need to know what are good level for each.  Priscilla is a wealth of information here!

Before any class, please drink 16 ounces of water. To properly hydrate yourself everyday, you drink half your body weight in ounces. A 140 pound woman should drink 70 ounces of water and 16 ounces more if you do a hot yoga class. For Goodness Sake's, do your body it's biggest favor: Give up Soda. It is terrible for your body inside and out and ages you rapidly.  After class, you want to drink an electrolyte rich beverage like Coconut Water or Emergency. Also within 30 minutes after class, its best to consume at least 20 grams of protein.

Exercise is only one component of feeling good. What you feed your body, how much water you drink, how much sleep you get and how good your relationships are are just as important. The great news is that yoga makes you want to eat better and drink more water. Yoga allows you to get to sleep better each night. And if you are in good relationships, yoga lets them get even better. If there are bad relationships, yoga allows you the ability to let go of what doesn't serve you.


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