How to Get Started

You are finally going to do it! Your friends are coming to FPY and loving it. They have been telling you about it for months maybe years. And you are ready to unroll your own Elite Hot Hybrid Kulae mat (it's the best hot yoga mat on the market!) Or maybe you have heard of all the benefits of yoga and want to give it a try. Or maybe you have been bored out of your mind in everyone else's yoga classes and heard that FPY isn't your ordinary Grandma Spiritual BS yoga or power class that's has no power. Or maybe you are tired of waking up sore and want to feel good everyday you get out out of bed. Or maybe nothing else seems to work to shed inches, pounds and get you sculpted and you see pictures of Adam Levine, Jennifer Anniston or your neighbor and wonder how in the world yoga gives them such a round high butt, or beautifully sculpted arms and such flat abs. Or maybe you hate the gym, us too. It's boring and easy to not go to because it's not social and no one knows your name. Or maybe you want to stay in your sport longer without sitting games out due to injuries so you have read that pro athletes like Evan Longoria and Lebron James do Power Yoga daily or maybe you just want to look great when you are naked and have more action happening in the bedroom. Or maybe you have been mom and taxi'd kids everywhere and it's time for you to put your health as a priority or maybe you just want to belong to the hottest yoga studio with the coolest vibe in Florida that happens to only be in Land O'Lakes today yet will be in other cities shortly because we have found how to make yoga powerful, fun, social and body changing and other cities want it as well as other states because every state could use the heat of Florida. Whatever your reason is, we are glad you are taking this very big step to improving the quality of your life.

You took the hardest step just now, the rest is easy. Your next step is to come to Intro to FPY at 6:15pm on Sunday's for a look at what we do and why we love doing it.  The cost is $7.00 per person. After the class you will be asked if you would like to purchase your next step: 7 Day Intro Offer of Unlimited yoga for your family. For the next 7 days in a row, you can come as often as you wish.  Family is considered who is on your tax return.  It's not Mom with her adult children who have children. It's not two grown sisters. It's not your boyfriend.  Family is family members in your house on your tax return.  We limit this as the Family option is to make it affordable for families.  Every other study will charge you per person and give you no break.  We like Families! I'd take it a step further.  We love FAMILIES! After seven days, we will help you find the best path to continue for the best value. We dont have ridiculous binding gym contracts.  Gyms are betting you will stop coming after the newness wears off.  After the newness wears off at FPY, you realize you keep coming because you feel better than you have ever felt before. We only want to trade value for value so we have a Monthly Auto Pay that you can stop by the last day of the month and not get charged on the 1st.  You dont have to put in a gimmicky 30 day notice so that you have to pay another month.  You just have to come into the studio, fill out the Cancel form by the 1st and that's it! Simple. The only reasons people cancel is if they move or life gets crazy busy.  If the later is the case, we want you to buy a 10 pack of classes and make a yoga appointment once a week with your mat at FPY. When life slows down, you can go back to your monthly plan. You are charged the $49 Registration Fee when you sign back up.  Its work to get you all set for your yoga again which is why we charge you again.
Liz Hill looked like this 18 months ago...come see what she looks like today

Kirby Crockett's butt was fantastic before FPY. The hamstring and calve definition is breathtaking.

tree pose

How does a mom of two small kids who works as a Physical Therapist find time for yoga?  She makes herself a top priority.
healthy food
We can teach you how to eat healthier. We have a Meal Planner on-site and show you how to shop, and prepare foods to make great daily choices.

Athletes love Power Yoga! Even 6'5 athletes who never thought they would like yoga!

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