Your FPY Team

The interesting thing about FPY is how we build our teaching base. We hand select our teachers from current FPY students who love FPY and our great with people. They love FPY and we love them! Our goal is to have consistency in teaching so that no matter what class you go to you will get a great experience each and every time. I'm sure you have been to a gym class and have been told that one teacher sucked and to avoid them. You will not be told this at FPY. We teach them all how to teach well so that your experience rocks each time. We constantly help each other out giving each other feedback to make us more powerful as a team. We have no Prima Donna teachers. Each teacher was chosen because of the uniqueness of their personality. Its our goal for you not to care who is teaching the class because we have trained them all so well that they all teach a great class. Denice isnt going to put someone in front of you that she isn't   100% sure will deliver an awesome experience. She is in class every day and is there to get a great experience too so she makes sure you are getting the best! If you are a Yoga Teacher, no need to apply to FPY, we only promote from within! Maybe if more studios catch on, they will stop the non-sense of using teacher Training as a revenue stream without any intention of hiring them at their studio. That's BS as the training's are 3500-4700 and most walk out not having the skill set to effectively teach a class so there is alot of crappy yoga out there because of Teacher Training revenue Streams. Our teachers teach everyday while they are going through our program and they teach FPY'ers during real classes so that we are all involved at bringing the experience to a higher level

The phone number (813)431-8033 is Denice's cell. You will be talking to the owner if you call for questions as we want to give you great service always. It's easiest to text her as she teaches alot. She's up by 7am and in bed by 10pm. She will get you a text back quickly.  Voice mail and email are slower responses!

Here is Priscilla!

yoga instructor


yoga instructor

Here is Christie!

yoga instructor
Here is Denice!
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