The Development

Denice went to a Yoga Fest and saw what looked like a Crazy Cool Invention by Indo Boards. She bought two. Brought them home to her studio and realized within ten minutes that the design was flawed. The Board was no fun. You could not do a fast Power Yoga Class on it. It had these flotation devises that every time you jumped forward, they would shoot out the side and you would lose your balance. It also was so flimsy in construction and design that it would hit you in the face if you stood on the back of the board. The board was merely for doing cool poses on it. Her friend, Jerome Short and her set out to re-design it for MAJOR FUN Factor much like the shift from lame Atari to cool as hell X BOX or Play Station or like the big clunky cell phone to the sleek iphone 6. We wanted an board that allowed us to flow fast in a hot sweaty class. We wanted a board that if you did Crow where Crow belongs in a flow class, you could do it exactly where you were on the board: the front edge without tipping over. We wanted a board that actually rocked side to side to engage your core in every pose like no experience on the mat could do. We wanted a board that allowed athletes to build strength, balance and agility faster to unlock reservoirs of athletic capacity they had no idea they had. We wanted a board that somehow made your practice on a yoga mat even better when you choose to practice on a mat versus the board. We wanted a board that would bring kids into yoga because it was so much fun to be on. We want a way to experience Paddle Boarding without the fear of sharks, snakes and gator's. We wanted a board that we could place in the sand and do real Beach Yoga without getting sand in our teach each time we did an updog! we wanted a Board that even CrossFit people found incredibly challenging to use in their daily WOD's. We wanted something that was so much fun that people looked at us on them and said, I want one! We wanted to take Power Yoga to a place where the 15 years of it hasn't changed a bit until the board became the norm in a class to give people the ULTIMATE Experience on the mat! We wanted a way to make POWER YOGA MORE POWERFUL!

We met with his son who owns Limitless Long Boards and we begun, the creative process of making our vision come to life. Owen Short and Jerome Short went to work. The design was so revolutionary and different than anything out there that we decided to seek a patent. We got our Patent Pending Numbers on July 28, 2014!

The Original Power Board is for the individual working out in his home or garage or on the beach. It's also for the fitness class seeking something so different that it drives revenue up. All the boards come standard mat size. Unless you want the Magnum because you are tall and we got that available! We can custom design your logo as a vinyl covering on the board for an up charge. All Boards come standard with The Original Power Board logo unless you want a design. We are in the midst of developing higher rockers to give the board more flexibility to be even more powerful!

Now you can develop a product, but can you manufacture it consistently? Yes we can. We know how to build boards quickly with great consistency using Lean Manufacturing Techniques.

If You build it will they Come? We had this vision. We materialized it. Now will people want to use them during a Power Yoga Class? You bet! They grab them quickly.

We are Ready to Sell you a board! Florida Power Yoga has the exclusive right to sell The Original Power Board. You can not get it anywhere else in the world. It's coming from the small town of Land O'Lakes, Florida very much like the first Apple Computer's came from Steve Jobs garage.


Patent Pending Number 14/445005

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Owen, Denice & Jerome: Creators of The Original Power Board

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