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It's a simple story. We loved yoga in Ohio at Cleveland Yoga. 95 people in a room, 1/2 inch apart, sweating like crazy and always feeling like there was a party going on. It was our second home. When we moved to Land O'Lakes, Christie and I traveled to all the studios in the Tampa/St. Pete area. we couldnt find a single studio that gave us that same experience that we were willing to drive 45 minutes on a nice day and 90 minutes on a snowy day. We saw floors that were cement. Wooden floors that smelled like old onions. we saw space heaters set up in corners that toted that they had hot yoga. We saw radiate panels on the ceilings that torched your toes when we went to Three legged dog. And absolutely no place felt like home. People were spaced far from each other. The spaces were quiet like praying was going on, some places charged such ridiculous rates in that for four of us to drop in we paid $88 dollars so we bought a package of classes the next time with a three month expiration. Of course we came back on month four because life got in the way with kid activities and our classes were gone. There were actually a few places that stole our classes after one month. I say steal because we paid for them and got nothing in return because we had to use them in one month. And then there was the difference in teaching style. People said they had Power Yoga but to us it was Slow boring stuff. No willing to give up what we loved, we decided to open up what we loved five minutes from our new home. People said we should have opened in a busier area but we choose to open where all our neighbors lived. Today FPY is our piece of Cleveland with our own twist on it. It exists in a small town in a neighborhood setting and we wouldnt have it any other way!

Christie McClure is the youngest person in America to hold the highest National Recognized Yoga Teaching Certification.  She was certified at 12 years old a 500 Hour Certified Teacher through Yoga Alliance.  She has been practicing Hot Power Yoga since she was 5 years old.  Loving being on the mat, she decided two years ago to want to teach.  Get ready to be challenged by someone who will be able to light you up like a firecracker!  Then tell your friends that a soon to be teen took you to areas that haven't been explored yet in your practice with a her vitality for life and her curiosity for the unknown.
Jack is the friendly hip guy that cleans up all the sweat and hard work you leave after class!
Denice McClure, owner and teacher, wanted to create a space where every person that entered the door felt as if they were part of the party whether it was their first time practicing yoga, first time visiting FPY or an experienced yogi.  You'll see her either teaching or practicing in most class as she created a space that she wants people to feel the amazing energy that exists being part  a great, funky, fun, powerful community the second they walk in the door. She's a 500 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher as well as a Yoga Body Bootcamp Teacher specializing in the Baptiste flow utilizing Live, Love, Teach Tools.  Whether you are a beginner or an experience yogi, the class will be optimized for you to get exactly what you need from it.  Don't let people convince you that you are limited and need to start off in a Beginner class.  You are Limitless from the first pose!
Kathy works the desk in the mornings and knows exactly what you need. She'll get you taken care of.
She'll get you checked in and all set up before class! If you have any questions before or after just ask her
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