What to Expect from your First Experience

You'll walk in the door where you are greeted by our FPY Service Representatives. They will give you a Waiver to fill out. You can purchase your INTRO offer on-line so that you can leave your wallet in the car. You can also pay $7.00 for your first class and after class we are sure you will love it so we can apply the $7 to your INTRO Offer to get you started. You'll take off your shoes and socks and put them in a cubby. You'll need to keep your phones in the lobby on silence. If you bring it in the studio, silence it or people with get irritated by it going off! The glass wall is not sound proof so phones are Ultra disturbing if they go off. The bathroom is in the lobby. Usually a good idea to go before class especially if you have kids as once people enter the studio, we like you staying inside so that the door isn't revolving cooling the studio down or disturbing others. We dont have mats to rent as rental mats are gross. There is no way to get other people's sweat out of them so we dont even offer them. The entire floor is a mat so just use the floor and after class you can wipe up the sweat with spray bottles and towels that we provide. Once you say you love FPY, we can talk about getting you a real hot yoga mat from Kulae, best mat on the market! When you walk into the studio face the artwork if it is a yoga class and if it is Roar or Power Sculpt you face each other with and aisle down the center. There are orange coasters for your water bottle and weights to go on if it's a Power sculpt class. Grab a white towel. Your going to need it. Place the white towel at the front of your mat. It's never quiet in the studio, so no worry's about talking or laughing. Those people that like quiet time before class, hate us so they aren't in the room. It's social and fun! Once class starts it gets quiet yet there are lots of grunting, moans and an occasional F bomb that may go off during class. No conversations during the first 30 minutes please because we have to hear you breathe and it's rude. There are kids in class so mom's and dad's know that an occassional put your hands over your child's ears may be needed. Most parents dont care because their children hear worse things in school.  Adults know that there are kids in class which means they are learning to balance so they may be flopping around. We love kids in class yet we love well behaved kids. This means they aren't talking or going in an out of the studio and in the last six minutes of the class they are silent and still so that everyone has a great last 6 minutes. So parents please talk to kids before class and make them empty their tiny bladders!

To make your experience as great as possible, we will sandwich you between two people who know what's going on so that you can just look right and left and catch on quick. Most people start in a Slow Power classes or our Beginning Power Class on Wednesday's at 7:15pm. Your first experience maybe tough. That's great because you are wanting change and if it was easy then change wouldnt happen. If you get hot, tired, dizzy, nauseous, all very common things people experience there first few times, you'll stay on your mat and go into Child's Pose until you are ready to pop up and get back into down dog. Believe me, every new person has experienced what you will experience and its a very tiny price to pay for huge results. Plan on going to class the first week three times. This allows you to get your best foot forward.

The studio is 90F with 65% humidity. It's not a suffocating hot like most studios cause we know how to balance heat and humidity. You will notice the coolest thing ever! You will be on your back in abs with your feet in the air and see sweat dripping down your legs and wonder how in the world are your toes sweating. This sweat is the addictive thing that people crave at FPY. It maybe hard to believe but ask anyone there why they keep coming back: the sweat is like no other exercise out there.

The next day you may be sore. You are sore because you literally changed your body chemistry by infusing each cell with oxygen taken in from the air you inhaled through your nose and exhaled through your nose to move your lymphatic fluid all around inside your body.  You have used more muscles than in any other work-out. You have worked your slow twitch and fast twitch muscles. Body Builders with huge bicepts... take note on how your muscles tremble in Side Plank whereas the middle age soccer mom next to you is still.  She has developed her Slow Twitch muscles and so will you! You may be sore yet you cant wait to get back to FPY and do it all over again.

Now here is the secret to yoga: it's just breathing! Breathing is the only system in your body that is both voluntary and involuntary. That mere fact means breathing holds the power to heal you from the inside out. It's done a special way in yoga so that you engage your parasympathetic nervous system to bring cortisol levels down and thus learning how to manage stress on a daily basis so that when life hits you in the face, your ok with it. You know how to manage it....unroll a mat and get into downdog at FPY! So how do you do this breathing? You will listen to us say INHALE and then you will inhale deep through the nose and EXHALE through the nose when we say EXHALE. We are Masters at calling breath. We dont just say periodically to breath. We call every breath for you so that you can get the ultimate breathing experience to connect your mind and body together. People have no idea why they feel so good after an FPY class versus other yoga class. It's how we call the breath. Teachers that say periodically to breathe have no idea where they breath belongs and therefore the yoga stinks. That will never happen at FPY!

Have you watched Couple's Retreat? The scene where the teacher is assisting and touching people in the class. We dont do that at FPY. It's weird! We are trained well in assisting but the owner personally thinks it' freaks people out to be touched. Other studios get off on this stuff. We dont. Your space is your space to be MESSY. We will never call you out as doing something wrong. If you are doing something unsafe to potentially hurt yourself, we will change the whole class and you will never know that you were doing anything unsafe. Now if we call something and it hurts you, dont do it. We wont question you. We'll know that it doesnt feel great in your body. This is why people love FPY, we teach from a MESSY perspective. If you are wanting perfection: Go to a Bikram class: they are  full of uptight people who like to live in a perfect world in a perfect family and be all Yoga Journal Perfect. Bikram people hate our Messy style unless they really arent Bikram people but have only been exposed to Bikram. They we convert them to love the messyiness of the FPY style. We just may have to take the boring Bikram class and FPY style it with breath in the right place and fun to do. Hmmmm... maybe a new fall class!

After class, you can clean your mat or space off with the spray bottle. We will come up and ask how your first experience went as we want your second experience to be even better. Let us know if there was anything that didnt feel right as we know how to get you feeling good in each pose once you tell us what felt no so good. When you leave, book your next class and put it in your calendar.

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