What to Expect from your First Experience

You'll walk in the door where you are greeted by one or all of us teachers at 6:15pm on Sunday for a 45 minute INTRO TO FPY class.  It's easy to get temped to just dive in but don't!  Learn why we love what we do and how your experience can be even better if you just dove in. We will give you a Waiver to fill out.  You'll take off your shoes and socks and put them in a cubby. You'll need to keep your phones in the lobby on silence. If you bring it in the studio, silence it or people with get irritated by it going off! We get IRRITATED TOO! The glass wall is not sound proof so phones are Ultra disturbing if they go off. The bathroom is in the lobby. Usually a good idea to go before class especially if you have kids as once people enter the studio, we like you staying inside so that the door isn't revolving cooling the studio down or disturbing others. We dont have mats to rent as rental mats are gross. There is no way to get other people's sweat out of them so we dont even offer them. The entire floor is a mat so just use the floor and after class you can wipe up the sweat with spray bottles that we provide. Once you say you love FPY, we can talk about getting you a real hot yoga mat from Kulae, best mat on the market! You will be in our new 1500 sqft training room. There are chairs set up to figure out what you need to make the experience rock. After class, you can go on the other side and buy your INTRO offer.  Your class that you just paid for is not deducted from the INTRO OFFER. Your next step is either Gentle Yoga on Monday at 6:15pm or any Slow Power Class.  We dont want your first class to be anything other than Slow Power no matter how fit you are. 

What to Expect from your Second Experience
If you are in Gentle Yoga for your second class, we move slow so you feel very comfortable.  If you are in Slow Power, we move fast so you are very uncomfortable and quickly become comfortable with having fun! Your second experience is really messy! Imperfection rocks. We dont touch you as we think its weird.  We dont correct you as we think its rude.  We do ensure your safety in poses in our own secret way. We dont like to tell our secrets on-line as other studios constantly are trying to figure out why so many people love FPY! For 30 minutes you are going to wonder if we ever stop calling high plank.  Eventually you start laughing at yourself and it starts becoming so much fun that you cant wait to get back again. People that start in January, end in December.  We arent the flavor of the month for people because you feel better at FPY than any other place you have been.  I can say this as its what people post all over social media. You will feel comfortable here no matter what your fitness level is or size. Believe me, there is no twiggy group of girls that will make fun of anyone or are trying to show off. If I see that, I quickly address it as absolutely no one in my studio will make anyone else feel defeated, out of shape, clumsey, fat, or any other thoughts you may think others have. I have no problem losing a customer to preserve our culture where everyone enjoys coming. I can refer them to other studios that I know are no fun. We will put you in between two people who have been doing yoga at FPY for a few to many times.  You look right and left and follow whatever they do.  About 15 minutes into the class, you wonder how much longer can we possible go...only 15 more minutes then we say FLOOOOOOOR! Im telling you as I have seen hundreds say the same thing, you will want to keep coming back after your second class.  You just begin feeling so good, sleeping better than ever and wanting more and more of that FEEL GREAT FEELING! You may also think it was too hard.  That's ok too.   Dont quit!  You made the hardest step toward a better feeling you.  Take another step and come back the very next day.  I promise in two weeks you will wonder why you didnt start yoga at FPY sooner.

Good Luck on Your New Life Changing Adventure

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