Who are FPY'ers

They are the people who come to FPY over and over each week because they love the atmosphere as they are the makers of it. They are fun and very social. They are positive and supportive of each other. They are sometimes loud and let off F Bomb's in class. They become quick friends with each other. Who they are not? They are not the traditional Yogi's that want quiet spiritual relaxation. They aren't seeking to open their third eye. They are not bitchy, whiney or stuck up and think they should be catered to because they have discretionary income. If you want to come to FPY then know that you are going to be surrounded by people who have the most fun in life by just being very real and genuine. They are guys. They are women, They are teens. They are middle schoolers. They are elementary schoolers. They drive from Trinity, St. Pete, South Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Wiregrass, Dade City, New Tampa, and Carrollwood. Or they ride their bikes from the surrounding neighborhoods. We together make FPY...FPY!
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