Yoga Myths We Busted

Yoga is only for flexible people that are in shape or have good backs. Really?
People come to yoga to gain flexibility. The quickest thing for a body to do is lose its flexibility or range of motion as we age. If you dont lift, it will take months to loss muscle mass. If you dont do yoga for a week, you lose flexibility. Because it disappears that quickly, it also can appear that quickly in a person who considers himself inflexible. men who have sustained sports injuries or lift heavy are stiff. It only takes a few times on a yoga mat to realize that your body loves to be stretched and thus gains in flexibility are quick. As far as being in shape, it makes no difference the shape you are in. You are taking control of your health to start a new you. Come to the mat as you are and yoga will take good care of you to get you into the shape you want to be. Regarding backs, most people experience back pain sometime within their lives. Some have herniated disks in neck or back. Tell us about your back and we will modify the work out so that your back gets stronger and stronger to eliminate the pain.

Yoga is a chick thing! Really?
We have almost as many men as we have women at FPY. Men that love Crossfit find that their Cross fit work outs get better.. Men who love to lift find their body's dont have to feel crippled after a strong work out.
Adam Levine does Power Yoga and he's married to a Victoria Secret Angel!
FPY style is attractive to men because it is challenging and its not about bending into pretzle shapes.

Yoga is a Religion! Really?
Somehow the western world clouded yoga with spirituality. Yoga is simply the connection of the mind and body through breathing. If you want a spiritual practice, we aren't your studio. We dont Om in class. We dont chant or meditate. We dont wear weird baggy white yoga clothing. We dont have any Buddha's, candles or smelly things burning in class. There is no talk of Hindu Gods, Buddhist beliefs are any other religion. We are like the goverment..more efficient and much more fun and we give you a great value for your hard earned money. We separate Church and Yoga

Yoga Teachers are Smarter than you! Really?
There are so many teachers out there that like to teach in Sanskrit as a way of showing how very smart they are to know big unmeaning full names to simple poses. It's condescending. They say Ukatasana to sound smart when if they just said Chair Pose people would know what they are talking about. At FPY the only Sanskrit you will hear is Savasana because the literal name is Corpse Pose and who wants to be dead. And we Namaste at the end yet end with a really loud banging on the floor of our hands to say Hell Yea! We made it through the class!

Yoga Teachers are Psychiatrists! Really?
There is nothing worse than a twiggy little 19 year old telling you to drop the baggage you brought into the studio. What experience does that young person have with baggage? Or the cult like leaders of yoga trying to bring you down to shedding your layers like an onion when in reality they have some pretty messed up lives themselves.

Yoga is Boring? Really
People that hate to exercise, love sweating at FPY over and over again each week. Our classes are never the same. They are action oriented. We let people be messy in poses. It's never quiet inside the studio. There isnt time to get bored.

Yoga involves chanting? Really?
Not to say chanting is bad, it just isnt us. We are more of the it's gets hard and some says and F Bomb kind of studio.

Yoga has great music playing in order for it to be a great class. Really?
We do not play music is Slow Power or Power Classes for the simple reason that the mind body connection only occurs when you are breathing and if we cant hear you breath to pump your breath even bigger than you are just doing poses. Also, many teachers obsess about their play lists. This means a few things: first they are planning your experience. The best kind of a class you can have is one which is taught to the people who show up on the mats which means not having a plan. The second reason they like play lists are that they can hide behind music when uncomfortable with where to precisely place the breath. We know where the breath belongs to give you a fantastic experience in your body so we dont hide behind music. Now we do play music in Roar and Power Sculpt classes as these are distinctly different experiences where music will move the body through reps.

Yoga is so quiet that I am afraid I might fart. Really?
At FPY farting happens yet it is never that quiet where attention would be drawn and even if it was quiet, people and teachers dont care. Farts are funny. Enough said.

Yoga isnt a real work-out like running, cycling, lifting, Crossfit. Really?
A Power Yoga class burns 600-800 calories on a mat and 1000-1200 calories on The Original Power Board. Slow Power burns approximately 300-500 calorie yet the sweating is more intense. Power Sculpt burns between 400-700 calories. In each style class, your body gets stronger from body resistance poses, your heart gets stronger from the fast pace as it's more cardio intense then one hour of running, you improve your balance which makes day to day activities easier, you become more flexible which allows your joints to increase their range of motion, your agility increases because you are having to move your body with ease during a struggle, your mental focus increases and best of all you get 6.5 minutes at the end of class of ultimate rest where no one is asking anything from you. This is the stress managing that yoga yields to the health of your body. FPY style yoga gives you everything you need in 60 minutes.
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