Your New Studio

FPY is not like any other studio out there. We have no cement or hardwood floors that make practicing difficult on your joints. We have no space heaters that plug into a wall to bring the temperature up to maybe 90F and say that we have Hot Yoga. We have no Buddha's or alters where who knows what is supposed to happen there. We have no smelly incense that smell like flashbacks from Woodstock and we have no 20 something Twiggy looking girls in black tights teaching you about letting go of your personal baggage when the only bags they have ever carried are book bags,  lunch bags, or Hollister bags.

Everything about FPY is World Class. Our flooring system is designed to absorb the shock of jumping so your knees feel great. The flooring also has an anti microbial layer to prevent sweat from soaking into the floor to keep the floors clean and fresh smelling. The heating system is unmatched by anything in the Tampa area. The owner, Denice, has worked in manufacturing for 23 years as a chemist and understands the engineering of balancing heat and humidity with constant air flow so that your experience is unmatched. Others have tried to duplicate it in South Tampa... fail! The company that does the heating system even writes about the failure on their website.   Our teachers are hand selected by Denice from students on the mat whom she has come to love and they are crazy about FPY. We dont hire teachers who other people have trained. We dont run teacher training programs where we make money as a revenue stream like other studios who never hire those teachers that pay big money to be trained. We hand select and train only people who love the FPY style and believe will give you a great experience on your mat each and every time you unroll. And the spiritual stuff, we leave that stuff for other studio's to teach. We teach powerful, athletic based work-outs that every person who wants to do it, can do it regardless of age, fitness level, weight or injury limitation. And we teach it with calling the breath with precise timing so that you get a 60 minute rest from your crazy life so that your body can move like it has never moved before. And you leave feeling fantastic and craving more. People choose to come between 4-7 times a week. After all your body is there for you 24/7 so it's easy to commit to giving it one hour a day to make it feel and look fantastiic. A really cool fact: People choose to spend an hour of their birthday at FPY. It's the greatest compliment we can get that yoga is that much a part of their daily life. When you walk in the door to FPY, it will seem as if you are part of a big party where everyone is happy to see each other.
hot yoga
Stopping at Publix after class.  No worries as they know us as Hot Yoga People cause lots of them are on the mats next to you.

yoga class
First Power Sculpt Class happened June of 2014.  Hit an Upper Body, Total Body and Lower Body each week with 3 yoga classes for transformation!

yoga class
You may not get up in Wheel your first time or you may just pop up and surprise yourself.  Either way, it's exactly where you are supposed to be at that time for your body.

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