About Us

Your local, neighborhood Hot Yoga Studio

We make starting yoga at Florida Power Yoga super easy.

We love people that want to add our style of yoga to their lives and make positive changes in their health.

Why Choose FPY?

FPY is an accumulation of one amazing benchmarking journey where the birth of Fast Paced Yoga (FPY) in our one-of-a-kind facility of vibrancy was the commutation of that time.

We move fast from pose to pose yet call it Slow Power because the power builds slowly from the first pose, gradually moving up one side of a mountain, picks up speed, then heads down the mountain, finally bringing a person to the ultimate state of rest at the end of class.

The best part of class is the 6.5 minute nap before you reset your charge button!

We hope you love letting us be your guide up and down the mountain! Welcome to the Flagship of FPY where it all began and where it will remain our baby!

Denice McClure • Founder of FPY

The FPY Difference

Every year, Mind Body Software and Zen Planner rate boutique fitness studios across the nation for many variables, and they rate FPY higher than almost every fitness studio measured on every variable.

FPY’s founder and owner, Denice, is a retired chemist. Continuous improvement to make the experience better each year is the game she loves to play more than any other game.

Why? Because she is crazy passionate about people investing in their healthy daily, so their tomorrows are better than their todays. Mobility is critical to how we want to live.

How We Compare

Here are Mind Body Software/Zen Planner statistics:

  • Gyms overall had a retention rate of 16% in the past year.
  • Yoga studios had a retention rate of 41% in the past year.
  • FPY from 2013-2022 has had a retention rate of 84% over the past 10 years!

When Mind Body calculated FPY’s retention rate in front of 500-plus people at their conference, Denice’s first thought was “Where did that 16% go?”

She doesn’t rest in the fact that she runs a studio better than anyone else. She is constantly striving for how to keep 100% of the people that walk through the door.

You’ll feel the FPY Difference from the first time you walk into our studio. 

You never know what Denice is going to do to surprise or delight you.  And one of the most telling facts is that she has never raised the price on a member for ten years.  What they signed up for when they began is the rate they pay today because loyalty matters.

Come visit us today and see why people sign up and stay for a very long time — and they don’t just “have a membership,” they actually attend and love the classes!

Our Environment

We created an amazing environment for you. We have floors designed to keep sweat from penetrating with an anti-microbial layer to keep you safe, as well as an anti-shock system to cushion your body as you move from pose to pose.

Those floors are a game changer if you have ever tried yoga elsewhere.

We also have a unique heating system that uses steam to heat every class at 90F (+/- 7°) with 65% humidity, which feels so good on your body. Infared heat is OK, but steam is the best for your body.

Plus, our environment is radiated with UV Technology to keep viruses out of our breathing space.

Yoga in gyms is just an exercise class on hard floors with incorrect flooring and heating, and no safety net for breathing clean air. Yuck!

At FPY you enjoy a premium, ultimate yoga environment.

Our Teachers

We don’t have 30 teachers at FPY. We only have three. That’s an integral part of our Core Values: we want strong connections with our clients.

We never “hire” a teacher. Instead, we create our own teachers in-house who will only work for us because they are doing their other “day jobs” as well.

Our teachers are professionals, because our clients want teachers who understand that the experience is about the person on the mat.

Our founder, Denice, is a chemist by vocation. She has taught over 30,000 in-person yoga classes, making her the highest experienced yoga teacher in Florida.

Danielle is a Physician’s Assistant. She has been teaching yoga for a year with over 200 classes.

You may also see Christie during the summers when she is home from Vet School. Christie has taught over 18,000 classes from 12 years old to 23 years old.


If you are already into Yoga, you will LOVE our challenging and invigorating FPY Style! We believe in Yoga for life! After the Welcome class, feel free to choose any class that grabs your attention.



Join the Florida Power Yoga team with a complete, turn-key operation that is genuinely unlike any other opportunity available.

We have leveraged our years of successful (and profitable) experience to design a program that sets you up for success literally from Day One.

Call Denice at 813-590-5449 for information. Limited location availability.