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No contracts because we know life gets crazy.

We have been able to keep this rate since we opened by charging a $49 Maintenance Fee on October 15th 

Your auto pay comes out on the 1st of each month

The first payment includes a $49 Registration Fee for Single and $69 for Family and is prorated for the number of days remaining in the current month

If you need to cancel, complete a Cancellation Form at FPY before the last day of the month. It's that SIMPLE! No fees just simplicity for you!

If the auto-pay is not cancelled correctly by the last day of the month, the system charges you on the 1st of the month automatically

In the past, there have been people who did not feel the need to cancel correctly. Their solution is to stop payment on their card.  Please dont be one of those kind of people.  It's not living a life with high integrity.

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